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Pin-Up with Alli

So when I was doing my Pin-Up shoot with Chelsea, I was also shooting with Alli.  Alli was helping Chelsea get ready, and then when shooting with Chelsea, Alli got ready.  🙂 We started with some Pin-Up style glamour, or maybe it would be glamour style Pin-Up.  Who know, who cares?  😉 Anyway, so the […]

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Lacey the Ice Princess

My friend Alli needed a subject to do hair and makeup on for a class project and I suggested she contact Lacey.  Lacey is a wonderful model to work with and an absolute dear to be around.  I think they both did a wonderful job.  🙂 I would like to thank Bobby Haws for letting […]

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Bibiana is amazing!

Bibi is a lovely woman who I met when she commented on one of my photos on Facebook.  When I started thinking about diversifying my portfolio she is one of the people I thought about. We had some problems with the shoot though.  The power was out so our photos inside were very basic, but […]

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Tracy is a Rockstar!

Well, she’s a Rockstar to me, and the only thing we are missing in these photos is smoke. 🙂 We wanted to do something sexy and cool with her leather jacket and this is what we came up with. The colored clip in extensions gave me the idea to throw colored gels on the edge […]

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Fluffy Pink Alli

Yeah, that thing on her head looks like a huge Loufa doesn’t it….  🙂  It’s actually a tutu that I made that for another shoot, but it works great as a wig too I guess. This set was kind of a spur of the moment idea, but it worked out very well.  It showcases Alli’s […]

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An Alli sundae, or a whipped cream bikini?

I debated on if I should show you these “whipped cream bikini” photos.  I use this blog to show you what kind of photography I do in the hopes that you will like my work and hire me to do photos of you. The problem is that I do many different types of photography, and […]

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