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Charli’s family

Charli hired me to do photos of her, her daughter and her boyfriend a while back.  While talking to her I found out that she cuts my dad’s hair, apparently he left one of my old cards tacked to a bulletin board in her shop.  She cuts my hair now as well and she does a great job.  Her shop is on east Kingshighway in Paragould, east of the John Deer place.  I highly recommend her.  🙂

Jackie and Whitney’s wedding

Every so often I get really lucky and get to shoot an outdoor wedding.  Why is this lucky?  The light is always better, even on overcast days.  And for this wedding I was doubly lucky, Jackie and Whitney were a wonderful couple who chose a beautiful place to have their wedding.  So between the couple, the location and the light it was a perfect day…. Except that it was pretty cold that day.  Oh well, can’t have everything right.  🙂

Lyndi’s senior Portrait Session

I met Lyndi and her mother through my friend Natalie who showed them photos that I had done of her, which they loved.  I love that kind of referral, it makes me feel good about my work and it kind of puts me on the spot to make sure I deliver to them the same level of work.  Which is actually fine with me.  🙂

Senior sessions  are a lot of fun when you have a subject as dynamic as Lyndi and this was no exception.  And when you add Lyndi’s love for vivid colors, you can be sure that I was having fun because I like vivid colors.

A vintage fashion and casual session with Hannah

Hannah found this polka-dot dress at Abilities Unlimited and she knew that I would love it for photos and called me.  And we were lucky enough that it fit her perfectly.  I thought it would look great with some old buildings for a background and Paragould has some places that I thought would be appropriate.  This first shot was made in front of a small café downtown and the people inside came up to watch us.  One nice lady came out and told Hannah how beautiful she was, especially in that dress.  I love small towns.  🙂

I love Hannah, she is a good friend and a fabulous model…  I wish you could get to know her besides just seeing the photos.  You know how you come across one of those people every so often who is nice, smart, beautiful and humble?  Well she is one of them.

Sitting here writing this reminds me that I need to call her and see about doing another session.  I have an idea that I have been saving for her for this spring….  Is it spring yet?

Erica and bohemian nature

After the set with the light rope, Erica and I went outside to for something I chose to describe as bohemian nature.  What you may ask is bohemian nature?  Bohemian means unconventional or non-conforming, and in this case she’s in a nature setting in a non-conforming manner.

I guess I could describe it as hippie fashion, but I like the other better.  😉

Light, shadows and sexy with Erica

I was poking around in the light bulb aisle in Wally World a while back looking for something else when I saw a couple lengths of LED light rope.  Isn’t weird where inspiration strikes?  I’m sure I stood there for a good 15 min thinking about it and how to use it in photos.  I tend to be a random inspiration individual.  I wander through shops and locations looking for things to use and make a photo.  The down side of this is that I tend to accumulate a lot of stuff.  🙂


After we played with the light rope a while we did a set in a more typically sexy manner for her boyfriend.  I love all of them, but I really do prefer the ones with the light rope.  🙂

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