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Natalie takes over the shop

Generally, this session with Natalie is based on the Rosie the Riveter advertising campaign from World War II.  We wanted them to have a sexier look than the original artwork though.
Luckily, my cousin’s husband has a pretty cool shop/man cave with some old tools on the wall and I thought it would be a pretty cool place to shoot these.  And another reason this particular spot was handy was the heater on the wall… I shot these back in January and it was cold as hell that day.  🙂

Low-Key fashion with Natalie

If you pay attention to my blog you know that I love making photos with Natalie, she’s a wonderful model and a great person to hang out with.  So I consider doing photos with her a win-win proposition.  I talked to her a few days ago and she told me she’s going to be visiting again next month.   Color me happy…. 🙂

And FYI, low-key is a photo that has mostly dark tones, whereas a high-key photo has mostly light tones.

Candace made me a Yankee’s fan

It’s been several years since I have shot sports themed glamour and I am very glad that Candace suggested it.  Luckily she has a friend with the all this baseball equipment we could play with to make them more interesting.

I’m a big believer in using props to make photos more interesting and these were perfect for this session.  🙂

My work for Arkansas Business’ 25th Annual Arkansas Business of the Year Winners

Back in January and February I shot some photos for the Arkansas Business magazine for their top businesses, business leaders and philanthropy leaders in this part of the state.  I needed to show the individuals in their environments and the businesses needed to be illustrative of what they do.  And all the photos had to be horizontal to fit their page.

First up was Haag-Brown real estate.  We had planned on a nice location session with one of their development sites but it snowed the night before so we had to settle for the lobby of their office.  A few days later, I got to spend time with Christie Jordan of the Food Bank of NEArkansas.  Christie was a great subject and we made 3 separate photos that I am very happy with.  Over the next few weeks I made photos of the business All-Clean, which specializes in disaster cleanup.  Their CEO, Brett Overman, who was also selected as a top business leader

I also did group photos of Jonesboro City Light and Water, it was impossible to get a photo of all the employee’s there so I spent several hours visiting different aspects of their operation.  And I would like to thank the folks at the Medic One ambulance service for standing out in the very cold wind while I made their photo.  🙂

And no, the photos aren’t in any type of order, and here is a link to the Arkansas Business site with the finished work.  🙂

Oriri is graduating in a few days

Oriri is a very good videographer and he excels at creating films and music videos.  In fact he has won several awards for his work as a student and  now he’s graduating.  He’s going to go back to his home in Nigeria and pursue his dream of being a musician and I wish him the best of luck.  🙂

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