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I think Natalie’s a super hero

After the studio photos we spent some time outside in a couple different locations.  One of my favorite wardrobe items from the shoot was the flag shirt she is wearing the lead photo.  All it needed was a heroic pose and she would be a fashion superhero.  Her height and figure make hero poses like this even more striking.  All in all, I’m very pleased with this set.

The next set with the red bohemian dress turned out amazingly as well, the dress was the perfect complement to the location…  Or maybe I should say the location was the perfect complement to the dress.  It was really hard picking out favorite photos from this session with Natalie.  I love so many of them.

Natalie in Noir

Noir is French for black, but in photography it has another meaning.  It describes a type of dark, high contrast photography that is typically moody and dramatic.  I love shooting nourish photos. I’m not sure if it’s because it fits my personality or if it’s just because they are usually fun to do.  🙂

After the noir set, we played around a bit with an old trunk that I had.  It was badly rusted out on the bottom and back though.  So bad that it fell apart on me when I was trying to take it home.  At least I got some cool photos with it before it bit the dust.

astAte vs. UAPB 62-11, tailgating and football season opener

It was a hot and sweaty day, but the tailgating was nice and game was good as well.  Though I’m horribly out of practice shooting sports.  I should have gotten out and shot some soccer to get my sports timing back.  Oh well, I enjoyed myself even though I got dehydrated.  I spent some time hanging out with some friends at their tailgate in the trees by the PAV when I wasn’t walking around making photos.  So here are some photos around the tailgate and from the game.  🙂

Dan and Lacey’s engagement session

When my good friend Lacey told me she was going to be getting married I volunteered to do the wedding photos.  But they had decided to go to Vegas and get it all taken care of there, quick, easy, and no headaches or planning needed.  🙂  I can totally understand that.

But they did ask me to take care of their engagement photos.  🙂

Natalie the Handywoman

So I’m sure you’ve seen the Rosie the Riveter art from WWII.  Well, when I saw these coveralls hanging in a thrift store I knew that was what I was going to do with them.  And Natalie liked the idea as well.  The coveralls are actually US Navy issue aircraft mechanic coveralls.  The back of the coveralls are stenciled Plane Captain and VA-37 around a silhouette of an A-7 Corsair fighter plane, which was in service from 1967 to 1991.  The style of these coveralls and especially the stenciling is more 60’s to 70’s so I’m going to say these coveralls are a vintage find in its own right.

I really need to go back to that thrift shop, they usually have some pretty nice stuff.  Anyway, I would love to do an airplane mechanic shoot with these coveralls as well… you know…. Just for the fun of it.  🙂

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