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Little Man Grady

I was supposed to photograph Grady’s birth, but Candace exercised and ran through her pregnancy and her labor was so short that I was 5 minuets late getting there.  It’s interesting what they do to babies in the way of measuring and stuff.  Kind of weird too.  🙂

Go to the previous blog post if you would like to see the Maternity session.  🙂

Idle Eyes Menagerie

Yesterday I blogged some photos of Amanda who is part of this burlesque troupe, here is the rest of the troupe.  Sadly, I can’t remember many of their names off the top of my head except for Amanda and Lacy….  Sorry about that guys.

Generally, I love working with burlesque performers.  All that I have met are extremely creative and very self-confident.  Both of these qualities are very useful in making great photographs.  🙂

For some reason, WordPress is absolutely refusing to upload the group photos.  Which sucks, because those are some cool photos.  I guess you’ll have to visit my Facebook page to see them.  🙁


Nelson Gotay, a true craftsman

My friend Nelson Gotay of Gotay’s Jewelry on Nettleton Avenue designs and makes one of a kind jewelry. He is an artist and a craftsman. He molds, shapes and welds precious metals and has a wealth of knowledge about his craft. I learned a great deal about metalworking, and his trade in general as Nelson explained what he was doing while I watched him work.

If you want unique jewelry or have something you want hand engraved by a master craftsman, please go visit him at his shop on Nettleton Ave. 🙂

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