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Me…. Edgy…. Wow….


An old friend who is a former model and a photographer found me on Facebook the other day (my Facebook page) and she told me that my style has changed a lot and that it’s very edgy. And that kind of floored me. But I think it’s got a lot to do with my interest in fashion photography.


So why am I so interested in the concept of shooting fashion. I don’t know exactly, but I think it’s a combination of several things but here are 2 of my favorites. First it doesn’t have to be pretty, second it’s usually conceptual or abstract which usually also means it’s fun to shoot.


Why doesn’t it have to be pretty? By pretty I mean it doesn’t have to be a smiling portrait photo. First, the goal of fashion photography is to sell something, jewelry, clothing, purses… whatever. So that is the focus of the photo, not the person in the photo. Now I don’t usually use an item as the subject, I just work it as if the clothing is the subject.


Why is it conceptual or abstract? You don’t expect them to just make a photo of the item exactly the way it looks like and add text above it that says BUY THIS do you? First you have to make a photo that is going to catch the interest of the viewer, showing them how good it looks and then convince them they will look good wearing it. So that’s where the conceptual and abstract come from…. The fun part of that is creating it, the hard part is making it make some sense to the person viewing the photo.


So now that I’ve babbled about this for a while, lets talk about Alli. Now I had started playing with fashion before I met Alli. But I didn’t really understand it, I probably still don’t really, but Alli does and I’ve learned so much from her that my photography has significantly changed since I started collaborating with her. Think of it this way, for the most part my photos looked a lot like senior photos before I met her.


We made these photos on my last trip to Little Rock, and I wish I could find my way back there. Because cool locations make much more interesting photos than boring ones, and this was a great location. I just wish the building had a concrete floor in it so we could go into it and shoot. We shot these around 1pm, and though usually the light this time of day is crappy for photos, it was perfect for what I wanted to shoot. Because of the harsh and contrasty light I used a silver beauty dish (wish produces contrasty light) on my Ranger pack. You don’t want to use a softbox which produces soft light when shooting in this type of light, it just doesn’t look right. 🙂

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