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How many sets can I squeeze into a session?


Lets see how many different looks I can squeeze into one blog post shall we. When Alli comes up to visit me she usually brings several outfits to do several different sets because it’s a long drive here from Little Rock and we want to make the most of the trip. This works fairly well because I’m a pretty fast shooter. Once I decide how I want the photos to look I don’t waste time…. I set up quick and shoot them quick. I set up the studio while the subject changes, get my lights set pretty close to where I think they need to be, tidy up from the last set if need be then wait for them to finish whatever it is they need to finish. Sometimes I even work on other people’s photos after I get the next setup done and need to kill time.


So how do I do this?
First, I know my equipment and how to use it. This comes with experience and unfortunately that isn’t something you can get without spending a lot of time using that equipment.


Second, I get there early so that I can unpack any equipment that I need to and put it together (ie. Setting up the lights, softboxes and scrims) and check my camera and clean the sensor if needed.


Third, I try to visualize the photos before hand. If you know what you want, you don’t have to spend a bunch of time later figuring it out. But sometimes I change my mind, I look at the photo on the back of camera decide that what I wanted it to look like either doesn’t look as good as I want it to look or it isn’t what I want… so being flexible is important.


Fourth, I have a lot of experience in photography. I’ve spent a lot of time studying photos and photographers to see what they have done or are doing. I’ve spent a lot of time playing with light so that I know what will look good and experimenting with technique and style to learn what happens when I do this or that. Though there are shortcuts for learning how to do something like this, you still have study it.


Fifth, I have confidence in my photography. It helps the subject to be and look confident when you are sure about yourself and what you are doing. If you aren’t confident, it shows in the photos. I know this makes me sound a little like a megalomaniac, but it is important. If they feel confident they will look good it shows and you get the shots you need more quickly.

Anyway, these photos here with Alli represent a time period from around 2pm to 7pm.

So what brought this up? I had a photo session with someone yesterday and she only brought 4 changes of clothing. So we had to improvise some.

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