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Natalie in the Alley

Natalie was nice enough to help me today by letting me make photos of her.  My model couldn’t make it and I really wanted to play with the new lighting toys… I mean tools… that I got in Thursday.  🙂

The silver thingy in the first photos background is one of those toys… err tools.  It’s a shiny silver 7 foot parabolic umbrella…  And it produces very sweet light.  🙂  I also got a soft silver one as well, that’s what I used to light Natalie from the front, but I didn’t take it with us outside.

Once I shot a few photos like that we headed downtown.  I wanted to shoot her in the street against the wall across from The Forum, but there was some construction going on there.  So we had to improvise.

I do like this alley and we did have some fun shooting there.

Considering how big the umbrella was I brought along 60 lbs. of sand bags to weight the stand down plus I strapped the 13 lbs. power pack on as well to the safe.  Yes, I do believe in overkill.  😉

Anyway, I had a lot of fun shooting with Natalie today and we got some cool photos.  And have I said how much I love the light this parabolic puts out?  🙂

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