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Richardson Family session

In November Jessica got ahold of me on Facebook and asked about family portraits so they could give them out as Christmas presents.  Personally I thought it was a great idea, mainly because it gave me a chance to play with Penny again.  So far she’s one of the very few people who’s birthday I can easily remember.  For some reason 5-5-10 is incredibly easy to remember.  😉

Walcott is a beautiful place, but it’s usually crowded with other photographers who have the same notion.  So if I go out there plan on using some of the places that the others haven’t found yet, and if I there isn’t anyone else around I’ll use the others as well… and I go earlyish in the morning hopefully before the others show up.

In this case, while we were at this last location overlooking the lake a large group showed up wanting to use it for the same thing…. We ignored them, let Penny finish her bottle and then shot the last set.  🙂  Jess told me the photographer was giving me dirty looks when they turned around and headed somewhere else.  😉  On the way out we passed them and I felt sorry for the other family, their photographer was shooting them fairly closely using a pop-up flash…<shudder>

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