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The Holifield’s

Jodi is a good friend and former student of mine.  She asked me to shoot photos of her family, mainly because she knows how I do things and we have similar tastes in how we do photos.  That’s important to her because she is also a photographer.

Photographers make some of the worst photo subjects…trust me on that one.  😉  But in this case we didn’t have any problems along those lines.

Jodi’s husband James is a soldier and a bit of a photography buff, I’m going to guess that sooner or later that he and Jodi will be doing photos together.

Their daughter Shayla is a complete darling and has the cutest giggle you can imagine.  Jodi was pregnant when we shot these and they have a little boy now named Matthew.  I know, I should have put these up several months ago, but I’ve been procrastinating.  😉

Jodi wanted photos made with fall colors and the best place in the area for fall colors is Walcott State Park, it’s absolutely beautiful there.  And they are lots of nice places around the park to make photos.

Which is why there were a ton of other photographers out there doing the same thing.  We were damn near tripping over each other.  That’s actually why I stopped shooting out there several years ago, just way to many people in the way.

Take care and if you live around here, I hope you are enjoying the weather as much as I am.   🙂

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