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Natalie takes over the shop

Generally, this session with Natalie is based on the Rosie the Riveter advertising campaign from World War II.  We wanted them to have a sexier look than the original artwork though. Luckily, my cousin’s husband has a pretty cool shop/man cave with some old tools on the wall and I thought it would be a […]

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Candace made me a Yankee’s fan

It’s been several years since I have shot sports themed glamour and I am very glad that Candace suggested it.  Luckily she has a friend with the all this baseball equipment we could play with to make them more interesting. I’m a big believer in using props to make photos more interesting and these were […]

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Foul Play Cabaret are all sparkled up!

Hi folks, here are some photos from the shoot I had last week with some members of the Foul Play Cabaret burlesque troupe.  I love these folks, they are all very creative and generally fun to be around.  And I need a creativity infusion every so often.  🙂 I’ve been feeling particularly uncreative lately; hopefully […]

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Pin-up glamour with Candace

Pin-up photography is a style of photography that I love doing, especially when it is something that is reminiscent of Elvgren or Vargas.  They are still the masters of pin-up as far as I’m concerned.  Even though there are photographers out there doing a modern type of pin-up photography that is excellent, I like the […]

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The glamourous ladies of the Foul Play Cabaret burlesque troupe

I had the pleasure of photographing Doris Night, Violet D’Vine, Raven Rose, Ruby Lead, Rosa Lee Bloom and Julia James a few weeks ago at an old high school in Hot Springs.  They are members of the Foul Play Cabaret burlesque troupe that performs regularly at Maxine’s in Hot Springs.  If you haven’t had the chance to see them I highly […]

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More of Natalie’s vintage vision

Remember in the last post where I mentioned the stained glass window in that door back there.  Well, I wish I had lit it from behind.  Putting a light back there really made a difference in the feel of the room.  It was cool before, but the backlit stained glass made it much more interesting.  […]

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