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Little Man Roman




I need a break from studying so I’m going to do a mini blog post then try to read through one or two more papers before a cook-out I’m going to this afternoon.  🙂


If you guy didn’t know I’ve moved to Gainesville Florida for the Ph.D. program in Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida.  I’ve still got some photos I’ve shot over the last few months that I haven’t blogged, but at some point I don’t know when I’ll be shooting much anymore.

Anyway, this little guy is Roman, I’ve known his mom Brooke for a long time and if you dig back through the old posts here you’ll find lots of photos of her.  Roman’s a pretty cool little guy who looks nothing like his mom, but that’s all right…. He’s a boy.  😉



Athletic portraits with Candace

My friend Candace had a baby 5 month ago.  Fitness is a basic component of her life, she even exercised and ran though her entire pregnancy.  In 5 months she has gotten back to her pre pregnancy weight so we did a photo session at Arkansas Muscle, the cross fit gym where she works out.  It’s a nice place, if I wasn’t leaving in 3 weeks, I’d join there myself.  I need to get into a strength training regimen.  🙂

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